Just Say Something

I’m gonna share with y’all today something I learned in university about how to represent social justice.


For some reason, people want to have these prepared arguments that follow rigid rules and all that, like there’s some kind of truth court that will be judging them. These people always end up broken after they run into a clever fascist who smashes their arguments and they’re left with nothing to say. Don’t end up broken like them.


Really getting social justice means having a post-structure mindset. Answer this for me: who made up the rules of “logic” and what made them so right? If they could just make these up, why can’t you make up your own? So relax, don’t get bent out of shape trying to follow some stuffy old white man’s rules from a time before Facebook. You just gotta say something.

Here’s the thing to get about arguing with the undesirables: just say something. It doesn’t have to be true for them, it just has to be true for you. It doesn’t have to follow any rules. It can even sound stupid! Just say something.

See, they don’t get it. They don’t have the post-structure mindset. Everything has to follow the rules for them. They’ll get to work “debunking” what you said by pointing out the rules it breaks and how they could say the same thing about something else that doesn’t really matter. They put in work while you just say whatever you feel like. You get it now? They’re going to get tired doing all that work, and all you did is just say something.


And, I’ve gotta tell you, you have not experienced liberation until you’ve said white people are responsible for climate change to a white man, and white allies supported you. You’re not doing social justice right until you tell a man that misogyny starts with him not wanting to get pegged by his goddess, and male allies shout him down when he tries to answer. You get me? I’m having the time of my life while they getting high blood pressure.


So next time you gotta speak up, don’t look for the right smart-sounding words, or try to put your words together just right. Just say something. It’s more work for them to pick it apart than it is for you to just say something again. Just say something.

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