How Banning Circumcision Hurts Women

If you know anything about MRAs and the manosphere, you will know that they consider circumcision to be FGM for men. They are trying to ban it, but what are the real effects of banning circumcision?

Canadian MRAs have been protesting Oprah since 2013 for a reason that might surprise you. Oprah endorsed SkinMedica, a brand of moisturizer that contains, among many other ingredients, human foreskins. The MRAs are triggered that baby boys being circumcised is helping successful black women like Oprah look good. Unbelievable!

Don’t let them fool you, sisters. These misogynists don’t care about foreskins or baby boys. This is just another attack on women. This is about taking away your choice to look as good as you possibly can. Just like pro-lifers want to take away your choice to continue living child-free, these male chauvinists want to limit your beauty options.

If we’re real intersectional feminists, we don’t need to be afraid of this latest push by men to oppress women. If our best beauty products use baby foreskins, that’s not our problem. We’re punching up against the sex that oppressed us for thousands of years! We must safeguard a woman’s right to look her best, especially when it is directly derived from something lost by men. This is what equality looks like!

A bold statement my more financially endowed followers can make is to purchase the product in question. For those who can’t, please share this post or pen your own defense of a woman’s right to choose the beauty products that work best for her.